Four Editable First Aid Kit Lists Prepared by a Paramedic and Army Medic

Four Editable First Aid Kit Lists Prepared by a Paramedic and Army Medic

These first aid kits were developed by a former Ambulance Officer, Industrial Paramedic, and Australian Army Patrol Medic. They are designed to provide exactly the equipment that you need for each specific job.


They include specifics to help you purchase what you need, and include the minimum stocking level and maximum suggested levels to restock to. They also include sign off sheets to document regular inspection and testing. The templates are fully editable so that you can add your own logo and company or personal information.


Please note, these are not actual first aid kits. They are the electronic checklists in Excel format that you can download, change, and then purchase necessary items for. You will also find links to recommended items on Amazon to show you what each item looks like and where to find it. 



This editable Excel file contains 4 tabs with different first aid kits for the following situations:

1. Ultralight kit for travel or day hikes

2. A vehicle first aid kit focussed on rendering emergency assistance after an accident

3. A personal first aid kit list for travel or around the home

4. A trauma first aid kit for use by professionals. - even if you don't have the skills yet, you never know when a doctor or paramedic will be there and this kit will give them additional resources to save the lives of loved ones or strangers.