Corporate Pandemic Management Plan

Corporate Pandemic Management Plan

Does your company have a policy or a plan for pandemic?


If the worst should happen in your organization, will you have been following a well thought out procedure? Or will you have to explain your decisions made on the fly?


How many hours or days would it take you to write a good policy and procedure for managing a pandemic? And what is that time worth?


We have done the work for you based on years of experience so that you can just download this template and adapt it for your own use. 


As Michael Leavitt, a former US secretary of health, put it so succinctly: “Anything said in advance of a pandemic seems alarmist. After a pandemic begins, anything one has said or done is inadequate.”




    This item is a 20+ page MS Word template which covers the following topics. It's easy to modify to make it your own and in a few minutes, you should have a working pandemic management plan with your company name and logo throughout. 


    1    Glossary. 4

    2    Information About this Document. 5

    3    Introduction.. 6

    4    Purpose and Scope. 6

    5    Principles of Pandemic Management. 6

    6    Pandemic Management Strategy. 7

    7    Pandemic Phases. 7

    8    Pandemic Management Organisation.. 8

    9    Pandemic Reporting and Communications. 8

    10      Workplace Pandemic Supplies and Resources. 9

    11      Risk Management. 9

    12      Review and Improvement. 10

    13      Training, Testing and Exercising. 10

    Annex A: Roles and Responsibilities. 11

    Annex B: Key Pandemic Management Contacts. 15

    Annex C: Suspected Pandemic Influenza Case Response & Reporting.. 16

    Annex D: Register of Influenza Case History. 20

    Annex E: Pandemic Case Contact Trace Register. 21

    Annex F: Privacy and Ethical Considerations. 22

    Annex G: Face Masks. 23

    Annex H: Pandemic Flu Policies. 24


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