The Reason For This Website

We are a team of dedicated healthcare and risk management professionals. Together we have lived through dozens of pandemics, managing crisis centers, providing frontline care, and providing strategic advice. 

Government and non-government organizations are getting better at providing but unfortunately, we now have such an abundance of information that it is difficult for the average person to compile it into a cohesive story.

On this website, we want to provide you with a clear series of messages that on science and the advice of experts so you can see the overall story:

  • What is coronavirus?

  • What is COVID-19 and what are the symptoms?

  • Why is this pandemic so much more of a big deal?

  • What to the economy and unemployment?

  • What can I as an individual, a family member, or a do about it?

We don't have all the but we are doing our best to integrate the best information.

Rather than repeat it all here, we have also created lists of the best information. We are also working on a book to put it all into one cohesive story.

Two of us are risk so you'll find that we take a slightly different view of things. Rather than a purely medical view, we think about the overall picture and how best to manage the risks. That for example includes thinking about reducing the likelihood of catching or transmitting the virus. And if that fails, we talk about how to mitigate the risk.

We've also worked a lot in clinical care and so you'll find a few tips there if things really go badly. But mostly our focus is on keeping you safe and well.

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